Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More Exposure

Well, it was quite a "first night" with the new digital camera... (see previous post, Southern Exposure).

A weekly podcast called Java Posse also linked to the tech blog and even commented in their podcast.

In 10 days or so, I received enough hits to represent 40% of my previous total since Jan 07. And I had a big July.... Neat.

I was increasingly uncomfortable with having only one gender, so I added the other gender this weekend. Ha ha.... that wasn't as much fun but still funny. I used to work with the guy on the Harley. The guy in front of the pickup is well-known to some friends (a great guy).

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1 comment:

K. said...

Wow - that guy has some fabulous arms! Funny how I never noticed it at work. :)

The bike is beyond awesome. I think I'm in love - or is it lust?