Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pre-Race Jitters

I used to do a little,
but the little wouldn't do it:
so the little got more and more.
I just keep trying
to get a little better:
just a little better than before.
-- Mr Brownstone, Guns n Roses
Though it's about heroin, that song worked for me in university and will again this weekend (I hope) for the 1/3 Iron. Some thoughts:
  • The packing is the worst in terms of nerves. One does not want to drive 4 hours and leave something back in the apartment.
  • I bought a high-end energy drink (like Gatorade only for pro's). Get this: 1/2 liter has 1200 calories! That's crazy! It is actually supposed to be sipped every hour. It's supposed to be easy on the stomach.
  • My foot hurts for some reason and I haven't done a thing this week. Wunderbar.
  • I have worked out a reasonable goal: 4 hours 30 minutes. We'll see. That presumes an average of 15 mph on the bike which will be tough for me. Btw, that's longer than the drive to the race (3.5 hours). That's crazy.
This is probably the last post till race time. Game on!


K. said...

Go get 'em tiger! I am cheering you on from the sidelines of my couch. :)

Vic said...

Don't kill yourself, good luck.
Remember this is for fun.....