Saturday, September 01, 2007

Writer's Block

I'm planning another website based on the recent successes of the tech blog.

The name is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, I am paralyzed with indecision.

When writing quickly, I have some wit and creativity. Alas, now that I'm at the plate in the big leagues, my mojo is not strong. Gah!

Well... I do have several fine ideas but I'm waiting for The One.

Some people have kindly offered "non-compete assistance" where I can confide ideas in privacy. Thank you!

Here is a general question for readers.... Do you like website names that are more exotic (and do not relate to the content, per se) or website names that are minimalist and to the point?

An example of the former is Google or Amazon. An example of the latter is YouTube or Hotmail. Though perhaps these are poor examples because they are so popular. e.g. we tend to forget, now, how strange 'Google' seemed back in 1999.


Vic said...

Mike, get a life. I will repeat this:

"I'm telling you: you're done. It's over. Enough running around in the States in the crazy heat... Just come home, get a job at Deltaware (a local IT shop), find yourself a nice girl, and buy a cottage on the beach"

I am going to come down there soon and drag you home.

Anonymous said...

For my money, give me a website name that is minimalist and to the point