Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meet Virginia

I'd like to ask Virginia Kerr out on a date.

She is on a local news program (CBS/Channel 4) in the mornings. Her hair is way longer now and she is cute as a button -- much more so than that silly media shot in the link.

Virginia, how about it? We'll along the river in my Civic Si and have a picnic along the bluffs. Wine, cheese, crackers... I'll bring my guitar and serenade you with a Spanish flamenco thing that I ripped off my bro-in-law. Poems. Witticisms. We can lay back and contemplate the duality of being huge media successes and yet ensnared in all its concomitant trappings.

It's not easy being power people in this town..... Drop me a line!

ps. Oops... So much for that idea.... This photo on her pseudo-blog shows the glittery ring.... Not a flattering photo (by design, if you read the post)

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K. said...

I have met her. She is just as nice in person as you would expect her to be based on her TV persona. We were in a work out class together.

And sorry to disappoint, but she has been happily married for a couple of years now. They are the proud parents of a boxer named Lucy.