Sunday, August 19, 2007

Out of My Shell

I remember being so shy in Grade 11 that, in a chemistry class, the teacher built a molecular model and asked us what it was. I had a hunch it was methanol, but couldn't bring myself to answer. Gradually, the teacher provided hints ("you might want to drink it but it would be bad news") that only confirmed my suspicion. Finally, someone else answered. It was pure torture.

In a moment, I'll share a link on the tech blog that shows I'm not so shy anymore. But some prep is necessary:
  • The new digital camera is fun.
  • A closure is an exotic construction in computer languages. It is absent from Java, but some people are pushing for its inclusion into that language. The movement is led by a man, N.G., who works for a company in California. You may have heard of it: Google.
  • In geek speak, saying "+1" means that you are in favour of a proposal.
  • Many geeks use Google Alerts for "reputation management" to find new posts that use their name.
Whew. That's a lot. But the joke is that I had stickers made "+1 for Closures (in Java)" and hit the bars.... N.G., no less, has commented on the blog post.

This is success of the highest order. See it here.

See: I'm not so shy anymore ;-)

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K. said...

I have a hard time imagining you as shy. Quiet, definately, but that just highlights that capricious wit of yours.