Saturday, August 11, 2007

Optimizers and Satisfizers

I once saw a keynote speech about those who optimize decisions with extreme analysis versus those who form criteria, make a decision, and don't look back. Satisfizers tend to be happier, I suspect...

I am an optimizer and have been contemplating a new digital camera and camcorder (and computer LOL). Well, one down: I just bought a new digital camera. I went with the "satisfizer" approach: I had some modest criteria and just bought one this afternoon, predicated on (a) the honesty of a boutique salesperson (who seemed trust-worthy) and (b) the fact that most electronics are extremely close in terms of performance and reliability.

I am not going to go to Amazon or Consumer Reports and look up the ratings for my purchase. I'm just going to enjoy it. This is a new venture for me (the car turned out to be very similar in the end).

Anyway, look out bars.... Here I come. Ladies with geek stickers, as shown here on the tech blog (with a borrowed cam).

And when I get the video camera... well, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson as the Riddler on Batman: just wait till they get a load of me (on YouTube).

ps. StL is a small world. A friend recently saw the post on ladies with stickers and knew one of them from softball. LOL

pps. I may need help with uploading pics from my computer. My current lame computer doesn't have working USB ports.

ppps. Thanks to everyone who, on email, gave me recommendations on their cameras!


karin lewis said...

hola! its karin lewis, bryans wee sister...heh you think stl is a small world, visit new zealand! im living on waiheke island (7000 pple) and as the family i nanny for puts it, its like the simpsons, the same characters every day...and i love it. currently am traveling the south island of new zealand and at a bar met a man and his partner who live on waiheke...small small world! anyway bryan gave me your blog info, now you have a posting from NZ :) take care!

CaptainCanuck said...

Hey Karin!

Thanks for the comment -- easily the most exotic location so far for a commenter.

re: nanny for the kiwi weewees. That is awesome! You should start your own blog with your adventures.... that's a great subject

re: waiheke island. I bet it is indeed really intimate. The Island I'm from is a gigantic 140,000 in comparison. I wonder if something were stolen on Waiheke that the cop knows it is 1 of 2 people, depending who was 'on the drink' that night.

have fun!