Sunday, August 05, 2007

Cute Nurses and Good Friends

Out at Mattoon, IL, for the "Mattoon Man" (1/3 Iron). I had just finished the bike at about 3 hours. The heat was insufferable (at least mid-90s F) but I had hoped to summon enough energy to make the 8.5 mile run.

(Long time fans of CC know that the absolute tri goal is: don't stop running -- no walking. )

I was definitely knackered by the 38 mile bike, but generally things were looking good: I was ahead of schedule, hydrating/fueling well, and had a few CC tri fantasies in my head for the inevitable blog posts. The goal was not to run hard: just to run. I had seen Vic's comment: don't kill yourself. A good plan.

At mile 2, I noticed that the strips of black tar over the cracks in the road had sneaker prints in it. By mile 3, the tar was beginning to blister. I don't know if I have ever competed in such heat. I shuffled along at a glacial 11 minute pace. I was becoming disoriented. Many other competitors were walking.

At 3 1/4 miles, so was I. Game over. I walked several miles and tried to shuffle along for segments but it was unbearable. I remember having a gel packet that I couldn't open because of sunscreen on my hands, yet in the weird calculus of my mind, I couldn't ask anyone to open it for me.

At mile 7, I had some water. It would be the last time I could keep anything down for hours. At mile 8, I was ill. Somehow, I managed to shuffle to the ignominious finish (56th of 58). I rested in the shade and had some more water: no go. Sick again.

Incredibly, I managed to arrange my stuff and go back to the motel for a nap. 3 hours later, I spoke to BryGuy on the phone; he watches out for his friends like no other, and was calling for his patented "check in". Concerned, he recommended a hospital. Bah! I'll be fine.... We agreed to talk later in the evening.

In the evening, I still haven't had anything... I spoke to BryGuy again, who thankfully enlisted medical advice (from an extremely well trusted source) and laid out the situation. There was no arguing: I knew he was right and took a cab to the ER.

Before long, that weird sensation of getting refueled by IV was underway.... I laid on the bed for 2 hours while listening to surprisingly detailed conversations at the nurses station.

And now, back home, all is well. I hate to disappoint the legion of loyal fans of CC dot com but no witty recaps. Mattoon beat me (since I walked) and the real story here is friendship and people who look out for people.

Thanks, BryGuy!

ps. Thanks to everyone for their pre-race support. JAK sent an e-card but I haven't been able to see it yet since Hallmark's site is down.

pps. Mattoon Man was very well-run. Safety was paramount and there were friendly volunteers throughout the course, and at every mile of the run. Finish time was 5 h 10 min.


Jennifer said...

Glad to know you're alright!

Kontessa K. said...

Whew - glad you're okay. Is it my imagination, or are the needles they use for rehydration the biggest needles in the known universe?

K. said...

Don't do that to us again! Thank goodness for BryGuy - we all want you healthy and witty for your next round - maybe in the winter when it's nice and cool.

Take it easy.

JLC said...

Mattoon didn't beat ya! The HEAT did! When's that 1/2 Iron man?? in the fall right?? ;-) Congrats for finishing -- even if the sun stole your glory! and of course - glad to hear the cap'n is okay!

CaptainCanuck said...

Thanks for the posivibes folks...

re: needles. It's funny that the GnR song I quoted has lines about needles... prophetic

re: fall? It's in September so it'll be hard to say but surely it can't be as hot -- right? Right now I'm not sure what's gonna happen. Blowing it off isn't easy because it was expensive...