Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summit Meeting

CC Newswire
St Louis, MO
August 2007

The CC Newswire reports that Captain Canuck had a summit meeting with The Weather today. The surprising development comes hot on the heels of a week of intense jabs between the two parties.

Last weekend, CC cited grievances against The Weather for "egregiously interfering with a triathlon with oppressive heat" and "generally bumming everyone out". The Weather shot back in a press release, noting CC's "sketchy" behaviour of "commuting alone" and driving cars in a manner described as "running 'er up through the gears at every opportunity". CC went on the offensive, claiming that said charges involved The Climate, and that The Weather famously changes to suit its capricious whim.

Today, CC walked with The Weather for 3 miles. Both parties emerged from the session with smiles and handshakes, but it is unclear if the tensions have subsided. The Weather told reporters "it was a positive session, and I think we can move forward". CC was not available for comment, saying he had to go home and shower.


fred said...

arent't you the guy who several winters ago on a not-too-cold day said "global warming - who cares!"

CaptainCanuck said...

Zounds! A day of double comments from my favorite dynamic duo! hooray :-)

I usually attribute that phrase to my Grandmother. She used to say that.

I probably have said the same thing. I am a walking contradiction. Don't believe I thing I say, including the next sentence. This is not the next sentence.

K. said...

This was fabulous! I so enjoy reading your blog - I've been lax and am now catching up. :)