Friday, July 12, 2013

Update Summer 2013

Hello CC Nation!

I doubt if many people stop by here anymore, given the complete lack of writing, but I wanted to give a quick update. I seem to write about once a year now.

I've been home on PEI for 3 years. My status is quite similar to last year, in terms of an interesting gig and joyful romance. Mercifully, career-wise, this summer is not as busy (last year was a "death march", to use the parlance of software).

I don't do triathlons anymore, but I still run 10 Ks, and occasionally swim. I still play guitar but I have drifted away from piano (which really bothers me). My social scene is happy, made up mostly of family, old friends, and new work friends. Aside from my beloved, there have been few new friends, but a few interesting ones.

A major goal on moving home was to rediscover the Maritimes. That has gone very well: I've visited the Magdalen Islands, Cape Breton, and many places on PEI, including each "tip". A current endeavour is to attend various churches/temples on PEI. It has only just begun but I think it will be a good long-term project.

Hope all is well with you, kind reader, if you are on PEI or from away.