Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! As usual, this site will have new look for the new year (working on that next).

It was a long week (pinkeye, fatigue, work) but I'm feeling better now and sanguine about 2010.

No list of resolutions this year... at least now. Perhaps later. I missed my fitness goals last year (run 10 mi / swim 1 mi per week). Considering the move and various ailments, I did 'ok' but definitely not as fit as years past, as the doc's office scale recently showed.

How about you? Any resolutions?


ps. Update: I ran 211 miles in 2009. I swam 10. I think the low swim distance is seriously due to my hair, which is a problem in the pool.


JLC said...

Okay so - I heard that 1 mile in the Y pool like 72 laps...?? So that would mean you did 720 laps! YIKES - You animal! (it's all about perspective ;-)

CaptainCanuck said...

Ha ha... that is true. But I think I can do more with a swim cap (or a major haircut - which doesn't seem appealing when it is -16 C in StL)