Thursday, January 07, 2010

Natural Disaster Lite: Winter

Winter has arrived in St Louis. 4 inches of snow last night, which really isn't a big deal (despite the crazed media hype on the local news).

Of greater concern is the windchill: -25 C right now. That's serious. About 5 minute in it tonight has me re-evaluating any life plans towards a warmer climate.

Almost without exception, seniors in the Maritimes hate winter with a passion. You could be sitting on a patio in July, sipping lemonade, and just mention winter in passing: most seniors will bundle up reflexively, shiver, and state how much they hate winter.

I wouldn't go that far, but it can be a hardship. Interestingly, I think it actually magnifies humanity: winter brings people together, be it shovelling, pushing (cars), or even just griping. It's like Natural Disaster Lite: all the adversity (which rallies the human spirit), yet without that tragic aftertaste.



Binky said...

Interesting point about seniors.

I think the further back you go, to a time when preparing for winter materially and financially, the more you remember what winter without big snow plows and immediate resortaion in a power outage feels like.

We're all just a few steps away from that, but fortunately they're big, secure steps.


CaptainCanuck said...

Excellent point, Binky!

My Uncle Jim says he likes the summer because "life is easy".