Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fake Headline

Just prior to the big Apple announcement, I tweeted this fake headline. Click through the link; I'm pleased with it. (It wasn't good enough for my official fake news feed).


ps. In a previous post, I was wrong on a few fronts. The new iPad isn't solely aimed at the Kindle. It is trying to carve out a whole new market between phones and laptops. It is certainly competition for the Kindle, and for netbooks, but in a way that is different than I predicted.

pps. I was also wrong about a major content announcement. Again, there is some surprising news (e.g. working together with Amazon?!) but not as I anticipated.

ppps. One note that you may not hear much about: the iPad runs on Apple's own chip. Interesting. Long ago, Apple shocked the industry by pairing with Intel (and ultimately allowing Windows to run on Mac hardware). They probably went with their own design (no doubt through an acquisition) because they wanted better performance in terms of size and battery life.

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