Monday, December 28, 2009

Back in Town

I'm back in StL!

The trip home was smooth and uneventful. Definitely new procedures in place for security. Pat-downs are standard now and for international flights, you cannot have anything in your lap for the last hour of the flight. e.g. I had to put my book away. No getting into your carry-on etc. Just sit there.

Fine by me. I was home in 9 hours with my bags. That's good news.

My vacuous, absurd reunion with my apartment ("good to be back, fridge! How are ya, Mac?") has already worn off. It's good to be back, and now I'm reflecting on a great trip. Excited about many gifts, including some biographies of key Canadians (e.g. Trudeau and Tommy Douglas).


ps. I may have had this guy before, but my cab driver from the airport was a hoot. A Polish dude with a thick Russian accent, he claims common ancestry with the aristocracy in Russia (i.e. the czars). He said he loves Canada and knows some old players personally. He rattled off Tony and Phil Esposito, and Frank Mahovlich (certainly bona fide names).

pps. I missed Binky and the gang, but happy to know they went off to Disney World! I can't wait to hear how it went.

ppps. My friend (from last year's ordeal) Olga, and I, were going to get together but she fell off the radar. Hope all is well for her

pppps. My voice is back but there's not much volume or power... I think it is still going to be sore for awhile.

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K. said...

We were sorry to miss you this trip. I'm glad you enjoyed your Xmas though!