Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Some gifts are used. Some are not. And some become part of you.

This green suitcase was part of a gift set from my parents for my undergrad degree, in 1991. It has been almost everywhere I have been, and has brought home Christmas treasures for many years. It has been lost several times, probably most in Montreal.

It is in rough shape. It is dirty, dented, dinged, and requires a nylon-tie to be threaded through the zipper plug, as the actual zipper was sheared off years ago.

6 weeks ago, it was replaced. There is no sentiment for the artifact, but gratitude for its service and warm thoughts at the memories.

This bland gym-bag was given to me by my Aunt Joyce (and family) sometime in the early 1990s. For many years, it was barely used, and stored a large number of mixed cassettes.

In 2001, when I joined the YMCA in St Louis, it was pressed into service. It has been to that gym countless times. It has been to 20+ triathlons. It watched me save myself from the dangers of a sedentary career to being quite fit, and, to be honest, it probably has Staph Aureus all over it.

It has been replaced as well. I don't mourn, but I remember. Those gifts served me beyond belief.

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