Monday, January 25, 2010

Genius of Steve Jobs

This week, Apple is expected to announce a new device, the iTablet.

My predictions aren't original, but my guess is:
  • the device won't just be a bigger iPod or iPhone. It will target a new segment, probably the Kindle (ebook reader)
  • the device will offer some new content package. e.g. Maybe the NY Times will be free
This last point is crucial. Steve Jobs has long been respected as a genius, the quieter nemesis of Bill Gates. Lately, he has gained complete rock-star status not only among the Apple faithful but also in the mainstream.

However, beyond technical savvy, he is a shrewd businessman. He was the one that took online music out of the courts (hello Napster) and into a bona fide business model. This was huge! Also, he wrangled AT&T into a deal to support the iPhone (though certainly AT&T has profited tremendously from that). Gates is a titan as well, but Jobs is the King of combining polished devices and outstanding content into a package that creates a rabid cult following.

With the tablet on the way, call him Moses of The Deal.

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