Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pedaling PEI and farm equipment

The blog Pedaling PEI has quite a number of fans for its photos. Often, it is the beauty of PEI.

However, I just realized that a major theme is old farm equipment. In some ways, the fields of PEI are a museum, containing forgotten artifacts from a bygone era. Times have changed in many ways: not the least of which is that farming is big business now, done by machines that are giant appliances. Most non-farmers can name the machines (e.g. a combine, or potato harvester), but today we are hard pressed to describe their function.

Decades ago, the equipment were tools, not appliances. They had a very specific function and were used in a day and age when people understood, at an intimate level, what they were dealing with.

I just thought of this tonight but I strongly encourage Pedaling PEI to pursue this tangent and possibly build an archive of sorts.

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