Sunday, August 09, 2009

Heat Hammer

We got away with a rather miraculously mild July, but the heat hammer is coming down on us in St Louis. This weekend was high 90's F, with the wretched heat index.

I don't know if I'll ever really get used to this. Long-time readers will know that I grew up in an environment where the dog days of August, replete with stifling humidity, would reach 85 F or maybe -- call us crazy -- 87 F.

As part of my body's natural reaction of shock, I have a cold with serious snufflies and weird gland pain, though that is subsiding. Bah.

I could continue to gripe and moan, but instead another heat-related story: this weekend is roughly the 2nd anniversary of my 1/3 Iron Man at Mattoon, IL. As documented in this post (when I actually wrote decent posts), I endured unbelievable heat and finished, in ignominious fashion. To this day, it is the longest tri I have done, and with Blackbird gone, will likely be one of my crowning achievements.

Many readers may remember that race as the one where I ended up in the ER. True enough, yes. However, I repeat here: I finished. It was hell on earth, but I finished.


ps. Another point on growing up: being on The Island, every hint of a breeze is a refreshing kiss from nature, because it brings sweet relief. It wasn't until that I moved to Ontario that I discovered that a breeze does not have to be a "cool breeze". In both Ontario and Missoura, the breeze can feel like a thousand hair-dryers.

pps. And don't get me started on Arizona! I have only visited once, but Holy Moley!

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