Saturday, August 15, 2009

Successful Summer Rerun

I wrote a spoof piece on my tech blog back on April 1, 2008. On a lark, I winged it out on Twitter this past Friday.

The response was better than when I originally released it. It has pinged around Twitter and some other sites: 1,500 hits on a Saturday. That isn't a big deal for some friends of mine, but my blog has been quiet so it's nice to have a bit of comeback.

This especially true because I paid for some stock photography and took about 3 hours to write the piece. Thankfully, it made me laugh, which is always the primary goal (if that goal is achieved, then the work is worth it). But the gravy is nice too.

For SiteMeter fans, here is a pic below. Not exactly "viral" but not bad.

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