Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tell Me A Story: RIP Don Hewitt

I just saw a 60 Minutes show that commemorated producer and innovator Don Hewitt. It was outstanding.

I have loved 60 Minutes ever since I was a teenager, long before coming to the USA. It is routinely the best hour of TV in a given week, and has been that way for 40 years.

I wish that Don Hewitt's passing received even 5% of the media coverage that Michael Jackson's did. I think they should play that tribute in every high-school class in this country.

He is a role-model for life, as he pursued his passion with dogged determination. As for journalism and TV production, he had one motto: "tell me a story".

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Vic said...

Readers need to know CC was really from Town and was exposed to American TV and culture at a much to young of age, cable tv. It affected him. I apologize for Canada, he has been become some kind of wierd hybrid.
OMG...It appears I have nothing better to do on a friday then blog also. Egads!!!