Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Does this taste offal to you?

Many years ago, I was at The Scottish Arms with the Dinner Club Gang for brunch (not for dinner club). I remember it being very good, but I don't remember what I ate.

I was there last night, and I shant forget the meal: I went for the gold, and ordered haggis.

It was very good! Quite heavy and a bit, well, gamey, but tasty. It came with a side of honey-roasted rutabaga and mashed potatoes. As with everything at The Scottish Arms, it was quite authentic. A friend in attendance has traveled the world (including Scotland) and vouched for the place.

I like food, but I can't say I'm a gourmand / foodie. I'm not one who raves about a dish, saying that the amount of nutmeg perfectly balances the amount of ginger.

With that as a modest disclaimer, I've had the following:
  • shark-fin soup (though I felt guilty and never again)
  • alligator (in several places)
  • cow's tongue (a delicacy on PEI)
  • raw oysters (in New Orleans)
  • and now haggis
I should write about the texture of each dish and how it brought me closer to the local culture. Alas, I don't really remember (see above). I was hungry.

How about you? What is the most exotic thing you've had?


Bryan said...

Kangaroo - Wasn't that tasty

Stef said...

Snake in China and fried bugs in Ecuador.

K. said...

I've had all of yours, except shark-fin soup (and I ADORE alligator and raw oysters). I did have green turtle soup in Mexico when I was kid. All I remember is that it was sour - kinda like a lemon.

Sea Urchin and fermented beans rank on my "do not ever eat again" list, and it's a pretty short list so that says a lot.

Blood sausage is one most people have a hang-up with, but I love it. I haven't had it in years, but would totally buy some if I could fine it.

ncsmn said...

I contemplated Kangaroo but it seemed wrong. I guess alligator.

Jennifer said...

"Pork, the other white meat, besides human flesh..."

Chairman Mom said...

I've had all on your list except haggis. Will have to pop by the Scottish Inn to try it out.

I'd say goat's eyes. I accidentally found myself honor-bound to eat some. I mentioned to a friend of my uncle's who is from a very manners-conscious culture, that I might like to try them some day. He ordered them for me, and there I was.

They're sort of gelatinous with a bit of texture.

CaptainCanuck said...

thanks for the eclectic, diverse responses, folks!

re: pork/the other white meat. ha ha! that is a reference to a comedy skit I saw on Leno ontime. Alas, I have tried several times to find it on YouTube but no luck