Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't Talk: Watch

The video below is rated R for language and violent sentiments. Definitely not for everyone.

The gist is that it is an opening vid to a movie, with namby-pamby (and risque) characters asking people to mind their manners. Then some metal meanies burst in, with a stronger message (from a song by some neo-extreme metal band).

I love it... I was raised to stay damn quiet in a formal setting: at a movie, church, concert, meeting, tech talk, etc. I am less formal at someone's house, but if more than a few people are seated in chairs, you have 3 seconds to make a quiet, discreet point (e.g. "do you hear a smoke detector?").

A funny thing: this is how I expected to watch major-league baseball years ago, but I was surprised to learn that at a baseball game, everyone talks and it's fine. It was a true culture shock for me to learn that baseball is a big picnic where the game is more in the background.

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