Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Night

I had a chance to see Nickelback in concert tonight (a Saturday night), but passed on it.

I wonder if they will play the song below. I'm sure I blogged on this before but it is a cover of the old Elton John song.

As is well-documented on here, it is a perfect match for hockey: Saturday night as been hockey night in Canada since 1931. It is every bit as synonymous (if not more so) as Monday night with football in the US. This cover is so genius for hockey that I can't believe no one did before.

I had contemplated dyeing my hair blonde like the Nickelback lead singer, and even bought a decent "Canada" t-shirt back home for the show. (Though I'm not sure how that would go over with a hard-rock crowd in the midwest -- hard to say.)

It was probably an error to pass on it, but if I find out they played this song (and it is a Saturday), then I will be really bummed.


KymberlieBlu said...

alas, they did not play this. however they did do a fantastic highway to hell cover that i think you would have truly enjoyed... it was a perfect night and the t-shirt would've been a hit, too.

Vic said...

You passed on it becuase you wanted to stay home and blog about it instead?
The do a wonderful job on Saturday night.....