Monday, August 03, 2009


Long before the advent of digital cameras, my family has been interested in photography. I remember many a Sunday, while visiting, with talk about F-stops, lenses, and film. In particular, my father and my Uncle Roland were big fans, back in a day where every roll of film had both a cost and a sense of apprehension (would they turn out?).

Back in the day, Dad was more utilitarian as a photographer, and interested in the science: a camera was a fascinating invention. My uncle understood the science but was much more interested in the aesthetics of the shot: dew on flowers, and especially cars. He often entered contests with worthy material, as I remember.

Today, they both snap pics in a different world. My father has a better sense of artistry now: Pedaling PEI is getting hits that rivals even the mighty CC.

I'm not sure how often my uncle plays shutterbug, but he sent me these photos, and I thought I would share. These cars must have gleamed in the summer sun of The Island. (There are several car shows there each year.)


CaptainCanuck said...

ps. On memory lane, I remember lots of slides (and even 8mm film?) being shown at parties at our house when I was quite young.

These weren't the dreaded, interminable 'vacation' slides made infamous on TV, but probably photos from old family gatherings.

CaptainCanuck said...

pps. It is hard to describe the feeling of seeing these exotics on PEI. It is rare to see a Ferrari, let alone a Lambo or Ford GT. The thrill is like seeing an A-list celebrity in an airport.

K. said...

That was the hardest part of dad's fire...all the photos, slides and videos that are gone. We had old 16mm reel to reel of me as a baby, slides from dad's tours in Vietnam, and tons of videos of my little brother and mom.

I have no way to share them with Kendra anymore. No way to introduce her to the wonderful woman my mom was, or the angelic spirit that was her only uncle except through my words. And somehow words don't seem adequate.