Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tour de Crue

If I had time, I would try to find a pic of Jess and her mates with the heads of the hair band Motley Crue super-imposed. The Tour de Crue coming to a bike trail near you!

For reader donors, a million thank yous for your kind generosity. I am kicking butt towards my goal. In fact, I am schooling many of the others on the team (click here), thanks to your support.

In other news, Blackbird has finally been set up for the season. It has been a long time coming due to (a) unprecedented, daily deluges of rain and (b) a precipitous decline in service from my former bike shop.

CC has now re-doubled his endorsement for the original bikeshop: Maplewood Bicycle.

The irony is that it may well rain on Saturday, and I'm not riding Blackbird for 16 miles in the rain. This means that my hybrid bike, Butterscotch, may yet ride again! That will be interesting since I haven't been on it in 2 years.

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