Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Brief History of The Rivalry

Sunday will be the next installment of the ongoing battle between our hero and the nefarious Jim G. Here is a brief history, in part for new readers, and in part as documentation:

The Beginning

It started in 2001 with a 100 meter street race. I won. In 4 years, there have been countless running contests. The results have been lost to history but the memories are great. Let's say that we split those races 50-50.


Tri #1 RecPlex Oct 2005
Winner: JimG
Headline: CC uses a hybrid road bike, Butterscotch, and tries to will himself to victory. Jim G schools him on the importance of bike technology with an easy win.

Tri #2 RecPlex June 2006
Winner: JimG
Headline: Enter Blackbird: a pure road-racing bike. Blackbird's inaugural event, brought in under stealth with Jim G being completely unaware. Amazingly, Jim G still won. A crushing defeat which left our hero dismayed for weeks. A major turning point, CC would later vow to never lose again in head-to-head competition.

Tri #3 Lake St Louis Sept 2006
Winner: CC
Headline: Redemption. CC overcomes a 20-minute headstart (due to age offsets) to beat JimG outright. One of his greatest accomplishments in sport.

Tri #4 RecPlex Oct 2006
Winner: CC
Headline: CC ties the series 2-2 with a straight-forward victory.

Tri #5 RecPlex June 2007
Winner: CC
Headline: Domination. CC breaks the magical 2-hour limit and records his personal best for the course. Blackbird shines in a head-to-head uphill tactical battle.

In the fall of 2007, Jim G was off at the Chicago Marathon, a wretchedly hot race. And so the series is 3-2 in favour of CC. Going into tomorrow, neither Jim G nor I are particularly fit. After a frenetic February, I had a lame March and April and basically gained weight. I have run recently and have biked 75 miles in a week, but I don't feel good going into this.

We'll see. Wish me luck.... Swim time is 7:45 am which should make for a pleasant bike and run (regarding heat).


ps. As always, I'm grateful for The Rivalry and for Jim G's friendship. We have both elevated our fitness to great heights. That said, he is going down tomorrow.


CaptainCanuck said...

Trivia: the night before tri #1, I was at a Halloween party dressed as Captain Jack. I was literally removing eye makeup at midnight, 6 hours before waking up for the triathlon.

At the party, I drank Gatorade out of a whiskey bottle.

Hegemom said...

Go get 'em, Cap! Go back and strafe the survivors!