Monday, June 02, 2008

Hockey Overdose

Wow, well that was a dandy. I just watched Game 5 go into 3 OTs... (Mercifully, the time zone worked to my advantage)

If Detroit scored, they would win the Stanley Cup. But they did not.

There were some sketchy penalties in Pittsburgh's favour (it is pretty clear that the NHL wants more games, eh?) but the refs seemed to try to even it up. Certainly the last penalty against Detroit was blatant.

Down here, NBC seemed to do it up right with almost no commercials except at the intermissions.


ps. Here is some hockey trivia for you. In the mid 1980s, Edmonton was dominant in the NHL. In general politics in the late 80s, Newfoundland, on the far east coast, went to a different timezone from the Atlantic timezone. From what I remember, there was debate as to whether or not the Newfies should be an hour later, or, strangely, a 1/2 hour later from the Atlantic. The main argument against an hour later was that the playoff games from Edmonton would be on unbearably late.

Today, Newfoundland is 1/2 hour later than the Atlantic timezone.


Ali said...

But didn't NFLD set their time zone before they joined Confederation? I remember it being a half hour off well before the 80's... ?

CaptainCanuck said...

I looked it up on Wikipedia and you're right Ali...

I may be remembering either (a) their experiment with double daylight savings in 1988 or (b) mere discussion about changing the timezones.

Thanks for the correction... My revisionist history is pretty well entrenched. LOL

Ali said...

But I have to admit, your version is WAY more interesting. :)