Thursday, June 26, 2008

I *heart* my old PC

I love the new Mac. It is very cool and highly stable. It was a trusted companion on a recent tech talk, my first, in my new era of employment. But it is a laptop.

I'm writing this on my PC which needed some work at the shop. It is still slow, and it is still Windows, but it feels like my right arm.

This is because I am neurologically wired to my split keyboard and my big mofo speakers that date back to 1997.

I can't explain it. Perhaps it is re-connecting to my old songs on iTunes (I'm sure of it), and being able to type at 90 wpm again: I feel like my old dog just came back after days away.


ps. Buy a Mac, though. Seriously. It will be my new right-arm one day.


Hegemom said...

Welcome to the Mac World. Have you learned the secret handshake yet?

xxoo, H'mom

Anonymous said...

Can you get a split keyboard for your Mac?

Any USB kb should work, right?


Kevin said...

I have a spare Ti-99 if you want it (at a very reasonable discount), that'll bring the nostalgia flooding back.

CaptainCanuck said...

re: secret handshake. Not yet but I bet it involves a key with a symbol that can't be pronounced! ;-)

re: USB. I don't think so. Apple has a crazy keyboard layout. It is like Klingons

re: TI-99. A double blast from the past! (That computer was my first circa 1983) Welcome aboard, Kevin... and congrats on all your news! Will catch up soon