Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada Theme

There is a major controversy up North about the theme music to Hockey Night in Canada. Here's a cool article (click here).

I didn't know that it was written in 1968. I thought it went back further. This is kind of like finding out the Maple Leaf wasn't our flag until 1965. (Believe me, that was a mind-bender).

I don't think there is any parallel to the HNiC in the US. Monday Night Football is a tradition and has a great theme, but I don't think Amercians would freak out if NBC bought the rights from ABC and used it.

The article profiles the woman who composed the tune and described the opening notes: dunt-da-DUNT-da-dunt. That's it right there. Just reading those words popped the song into my head.

Very cool....

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