Friday, June 06, 2008

Fender Bender Redux

There is nothing quite like coming home on a Friday night and having one's car rear-ended at a traffic light. *sigh*

This time was more serious to the car and less serious to me. The guy winged my driver side bumper. I _did_ lift my foot off the brake, out of gear, but he admitted that he picked up his cell and simultaneously hit the gas. Great.

This time, I listened to counsel from the previous comments: called the cops, took his info, etc. Interestingly, he had a Michigan driver's license, a car from Washington state, and no insurance card. He swore that he was insured, but the cop had no choice but to write him a citation.

Anyway, this one will get fixed. The funny thing is that the nick from the first accident will probably be fixed as well, since they'll probably replace the back bumper entirely.

A pain in the watoot though. I have stuff to do. Ah well, no injuries.


Ali said...

Glad to hear no injuries, guy who hit you sounds a bit fishy though!

The Hegemom said...

Argh! So sorry....

Want I should have Livi rough the guy up a little? She could take out your neighbor while she's at it. (She's been watching a little too much Mulan, I must admit.)

xxoo, S