Saturday, February 09, 2008

Team in Training

I haven't blogged much on it but I'm returning to the JCC this weekend for two triathlons: the shorter one was today; the longer one is a 6 am swim tomorrow (yikes). I've done each event in years past but this is the first time I've tried The Combo.

Enough about me.... Listen to this. At some events, I've run into a chap named James W. We are in the same age-group and are mutual supporters. On the stationary bikes, this morning, he was great in terms of keeping us motivated. Later, we chatted and he told me his story.

He was a cross-country runner in high-school, and like me, eventually became quite un-fit by age 30. Then he decided to do something about it. However, his motivation is infinitely more meaningful than mine.

Through his church, he learned of a young girl who was diagnosed with leukemia. He joined Team in Training and worked his way up to triathlon. He does triathlons now wearing the Team in Training colours and wearing logos for the girl.

Alas, he told me the website, but I can't find it, even with The Google. Egad! Hopefully I can find it and put a link over on the margin.

ps. Thankfully James is craftier than I, and found this site (see comments). Here is the link to the website: (click here) for Kare 4 Kailie


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael! It's James. I remembered your blog location. Ha!

Thanks for posting information about Kailie Rhines.

The group I joined is Kailie's Krew. Her web site is She was an incredibly courageous little girl, and her family has amazing strength. At the end of her "celebration of life" (funeral) they dismissed Kailie's Krew early. The cycling group actually lead the funeral procession to the burial site. I realized then that I was letting my athletic talent go to waste. I now do a yearly fundraiser, and particiate in all my events in her honor. I proudly wear my Kailie's Krew jersey at every event. I hope everyone reads her story and makes a donation to her foundation.

BTW, great race yesterday! I was looking to push you, so I would have to push myself. I knew I had to get off the the bike first if I was going to beat you. After that didn't happen, and I looked over to see your treadmill set on 8.4 MPH I knew the race was over. Great job! I'll see you at another event this year.

CaptainCanuck said...

Thanks for the note James! I'm really glad to have the website link. I've updated the post and put the foundation's URL over on the margin.

I really appreciated the support during the bike. That event is really fun and friendly. It was a pleasure to race with ya.


ps. For James and others who may not know, my email is captaincomiccanuck @t yahoo

pps. I don't consider myself a comic. I really don't like that email address or URL for the blog but captaincanuck was taken and I chose poorly.