Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blog Tag for Colleen

My sister's birthday is on the 5th. Happy Birthday!

Here's 5 things that readers may not know about Colleen:
  • She once air-dropped into London, England on a wing and a prayer and worked two jobs for a summer. A bagel place and a pub, I think.
  • She holds an undergrad degree in Math and a Law degree. She excelled, and did it with an academic era that was a helluva lot richer than mine in terms of life (I went under social lockdown).
  • She played the flute in high school. I once asked her to play the hook from Ozzy's Crazy Train. It was weird. To pursue it after high-school, she joined the military, and passed boot camp! That's hardcore.
  • She has a laugh that is both loud and infectious. It's hard to not laugh with her.
  • Occasionally, it seems like she's older (she's not). e.g. For her wedding, she asked me to read Kihlal Gibran's On Marriage which was a bolt of lighting in terms of maturity and wisdom. That piece revolutionized my view on lifelong commitment.

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K. said...

Wow - your sister sounds like an awesome lady! Not the least because we are also using On Marriage as one of our readings. I loved it the moment I read it, even going out to buy his book. It just seems to really fit.

Happy birthday to a fine woman I hope to get the pleasure of meeting someday.