Sunday, February 10, 2008

Double Your Pleasure: 2 tri's in 24 hours

(Editor's note: if you saw the last post, be sure to check it out again. James was kind enough to write a response and give me the link to the website.)

I returned to the JCC for tri #2 this morning. This one was longer and I could feel it on the 5 mile run. Getting up at 4:50 am was 'interesting', but it was a great feeling when it was over.

For doing both events, I received a medal from the event. Ha ha! A medalist, no less, though I doubt if I placed on the podium in my age group. Certainly not today. Yesterday's time is looking pretty good (though still not podium-worthy).

The next tri is at Jim G's YMCA in Wildwood. I'm trying to talk him into a good old smackdown. Either way, this will make a tri-fecta for February.


CaptainCanuck said...

ps. In the short one, I finished 7th out of 100. In the long one, I finished 8th out of 26. Not bad

K. said...

You are amazing! Sick, twisted and slightly sadistic - but amazing none the less. I am in awe of your talent.

Ok, I'm just plain jealous. You have amazing willpower and motivation. Keep up the great work, and feel free to pass along some motivating tips to the couch potatoes of the world.