Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life is Good on the Margin

As disclosed earlier on her blog (click here) and on CC, Hegemom received a diagnosis that was heavy news.

Today, there is great news! See her blog for details... I figure it's ok to share since it's public and wonderful! Many readers of this blog have heard a lot about Hegemom and Fred.

Be sure to check out the wig shopping pics, and the wonderful shot of Fred, replete with a shaved head, done in support. (This is one small example of why I dearly miss working with Fred.)

This is a great day. A day where people shout out loud upon receiving email...


Jennifer said...

Yay, Stacey! I think I only met you once, but Mike's high regard shows that you're a most awesome person.

Hey Mike, tag—you're it!

CaptainCanuck said...

hey Jennifer!

Thanks for the tag... I will play along soon. I want to observe some silence on here for a bit out of respect (see next post).