Saturday, January 12, 2008

Micro Testimonials

Last year, our team at CC dot com invigorated the world with the notion of micro-posts. Those little blurbs at the top of the page. They ranged from birthday greetings to daily status reports to various and sundry tag lines.

However, especially with a new look for 2008, both fans and critics alike have been writing to our HQ, asking for new invention. New ideas. A sense of direction in an uncertain world.

Step 1: Micro Testimonials. This sub-genre of micro-post will endorse products that I enjoy. At CC dot com, we don't have time for full reviews, plus they are superfluous: if we say something is good, it is good. Just go buy it. Today's micro-testimonial is for Columbia winter apparel. I have a ski-jacket (with removable liner and a zillion pockets) by Columbia. I've had it for years and it is possibly the best jacket I have ever owned.

CC fans are keen, and we can already hear a chorus of "what if we miss a micro-testimonial? They change so quickly".

The Chosen Few know the answer: make CC your homepage! No need to "check in" on a semi-regular basis: just bring up a browser, and bingo, there you go. All the CC news you need to move on with your day. And now: a hand micro-testimonial serving as your own "Consumer Reports Concierge".

Live. Laugh. Buy. With help from CC dot com.

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