Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Lang Syne (The Nuptials)

I wrote out a moderately long post about the NYE Nuptials but it feels weird to summarize such a big event (and someone else's event). I can't post it. Maybe later in anecdotes or something.

You had to be there. It was profound and joyous! Cheryl and Bryan looked radiant. If you know them, the wedding was filled with people from their lives (fam & friends). Truly powerful.

The combo of the wedding and New Year's was just as they had hoped: a sincere, heartfelt service, followed by a huge party. Fun....

Congrats, C & B ! Enjoy Buenos Aires!


ps. The cupcakes were a smash hit. As you know, this was the big night for the Cupcake Project. They looked great on a multi-tier platform, designed like a wedding cake.

pps. Some of you may know I have a keen interest in people's choice for the wedding song. BryGuy and Mrs C picked What a Wonderful World (Louie Armstrong). Delightful.

ppps. I really enjoyed catching up with out-of-towners and locals alike... The guest list was like a "Legion of Hall of Famers" from C & B's life.

pppps. Happy New Year's to everybody! Here's looking to a great '08 ! Stay tuned for a year in review and resolutions.

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