Saturday, January 05, 2008

Four Straight, Baby!


The Canadian Junior hockey team won its 4th consecutive championship at the World Juniors!

They won the final game against the Swedes (who snapped our 20 game win streak earlier in the tourney). They took us to OT in the final. It must have been a nail-biter.

I didn't see any of the game: my only suspense was a slow load of the page from TSN (the Canadian ESPN). I yelled out loud at the news.

In the US, baseball is claimed as the national pastime but I think it is actually football in terms of community involvement: Friday night is high-school, Saturday is college, and Sunday is the NFL.

In Canada, hockey is still #1. The World Juniors feature the elite players aged 16-19 (roughly). In that age group, there is nothing even close: it is their Stanley Cup crossed with the Olympics.


ps. I know some peeps back home who have the Canada Juniors team logo (see pic) as a tattoo.

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