Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random Facts from Home

Here's some truly random factoids from my trip home at Christmas
  • In 2007, my sister read approximately 275 books. My Dad biked approximately 2000 miles. It's kind of an extreme family that tracks numbers.
  • A local tattoo place has a radio ad: very "local" in the sense that the ad is low budget and has some good ol' Maritime accents. The ad touts artistry, safety, and cleanliness. Then at the end, the tag line is We're Gonna Hurt Ya.... And You're Gonna Love It.
  • My Dad had a big 10-gallon cowboy hat and cheerily offered to me as a "prop" for some bar stunts. His use of my term was a hoot.
  • My bro-in-law and I watched an episode of South Park about the game Guitar Hero. We cracked up: it is absolutely hilarious and more evidence that Fred is always right about entertainment choices (he recommended the episode).
  • My cousin, Supergirl, age 4, happily proclaimed that "Mike was born in Canada and grew up in the United States". A single tear fell from my cheek (not really but sorta).
  • Air Canada, je me souviens. Fureur pour vous (et moi).
  • My wildman cousin, Jeff, is a father figure for 2 young lads. He offered this advice to them regarding hockey and general playground demeanor: when you are mid-sized, your responsibility is to protect the weak, not to prey on them. That's sublime.
  • Most importantly, my friends Vic and Colleen had a Good Year, to say the least. Finally: justice for Jewel. See the video. (Why hadn't I seen this before! Or did I, and I'm just going crazy?)


Jennifer said...

Yay for Jewel and family!

Vic said...

Someone needs to nicely tell that young girl that Mike as not really grown up. His favourite thing is still GYM and he loves to Ride his bike.