Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Home Pagers

There are a select few, among the masses of the CC Nation, who use this page as their home-page (seriously).

These devotees want their CC updates ASAP: every opportunity to open a browser is an implicit check on the goings-on about local events, world affairs, and, yes, me.

After all, the 'Internets' are just one click away: most browsers support Google and Wikipedia searching in a little toolbar.

However, The Home Pagers receive a special treat, as a thank you for their dedication: some handy links off on the right margin. The Web just became a little closer; this page, a little warmer.

And for the rest of you ingrates, a bonus as well: CC dot com continues to put the thrill back in blog, by adding some Random Sites over on the margin. This is no mere blogroll: these sites represent some neat-o sites that you may enjoy. They will change on occasion, making each visit a potential new gift from me to you.

All this, for free (at least for now -- we are still working on a subscription model, but don't let that scare you). Merci!


1 comment:

Binky said...

Although it will deny me access to the random links, I subscribe to your blog via Bloglines. Its easy and convenient and it looks like legitimate use of the web at work!