Monday, December 07, 2009


It is no secret that FB and Twitter bend normal social boundaries, but here are some recent examples.

The mayor of St Louis has a Twitter feed. Though some updates are by his staff, he uses his initials (#fgs) on tweets that he writes. He publicly chatted with my pal Andy, which was really neat.

And tonight, the NHL tweeted that Martin Brodeur tied Terry Sawchuk's record for career shutouts. I like Brodeur but I was a huge fan of Sawchuk; I read about him a lot when I was a kid. He died circa 1970 (I have a penchant for tragic stories: Sawchuk, Rhoads, Mozart).

Anyway, I responded and the NHL replied (here)! Can you believe it?! Of course, it is just some punk at a computer, but holy cow! It is a thrill.


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Vic said...

It's is cool....
Don't be ashamed.