Monday, September 17, 2007

Thanks Traci

It wouldn't be a tri weekend without a run to the hospital!

I was feeling very unwell this morning. After Mattoon and the grace of BryGuy, I will now bolt to the ER on a moment's notice. In fact, I may drop by later tonight just to say hello.

The divine Traci dropped everything to come pick me up. She was great about the whole thing, especially my revelation, at the door of the ER, that, hey, I was feeling better. The OTC meds had kicked in.

I had been in pretty intense pain but I knew at this point that it was no longer an emergency. I'm fine now.

Merci, Traci!

I don't ask for help often: when I do, I need help. I just wrote a brief list of people who have helped me with medical situations or with "stranded with Herbie" situations. The list kept getting longer and longer. I fear that I'll forget someone or a given episode. My thanks to you all.

ps. Recall the ER visit in Mattoon, IL. The insurance paid for most of it but the bill was $1600. A grocery list of blood tests and other charges.


Ali said...

Not exactly related to this post... but... noticed yesterday on my way to work a "tri" store... and next to it, a shop that fits prosthetic limbs. An interesting combination, I thought.

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling now?

Please take very good care of yourself!

Do you need a vacation?


CaptainCanuck said...

Thanks for the concern, Binky....

All is well. The ailment wasn't really tri related and has disappeared. Pretty normal stuff but I've "over-learned" my lesson from the dehydration ;-)

I do need a vacation but that's another storyl...

K. said...

That's what friends are for - to help when called on, and sometimes to help before you call. It's what we do. :)

I'm glad you are doing well physically. As for that vacation, I hear Seattle is nice...