Thursday, June 03, 2010


Things are extremely busy but plans are falling into place, slow but steady.

The new motto is: just get through June. I think most of my triathlon training was intended for this month in terms of maintaining reasonable blood pressure.

A fun fact: I will start a new blog when I get to PEI. I don't know the name yet. I've always hated the URL for this one, and as my bro-in-law says "there are too many C's". It will be under this Blogger account so it won't be hard to find.



Binky said...

Plus, if you kept the same blog in PEI everyone will think you're a humourous Vancouver fan....


CaptainCanuck said...

Excellent point, Binky! Btw, readers, I'm asking for ideas for the new blog name.... something Island / Maritimes related