Monday, June 14, 2010

Off the Grid

Much like a year ago, I'm at the apartment clubhouse, hammering out a blog post with no Internet access at home.

And yet things are quite different.

The movers come on Wednesday. Things are not quite ready but very close.

I have really felt the love from all corners in the last 2 weeks. I've had dinners, lunches, parties, etc. It has been a terrific send-off; far more than I ever imagined.

The people here in St Louis are really wonderful. I think I knew that beforehand, but the outpouring lately has been profound.

I was happy to see the core Dinner Club gang at a recent party. That was fun, and the ending was surprisingly overwhelming. It was the inevitable Big Moment where I realized this was all really, truly happening, and combined with moving vagueness and stress, it was intense. I could write 5 different blog posts about that evening and the people there.

Today was better. I had a final lunch with the nefarious Jim G today. Saying goodbye, the grizzled ex-Navy man was pretty choked-up until we joked that we'll race a 1/2 marathon together at a vacation event, which naturally led to me saying that "I'll be fit again by then, and you'll still be eating Moonpies and Twinkies".

It is to laugh (lest we cry).



Candace said...

Hi Mike--

Bob and I haven't seen you for quite a while, but we heard you are returning to PEI. Such a beautiful place -- not surprising! We hope you have a wonderful new life there and much happiness! Maybe you'll even join a book group...

Best wishes, Candace O'Connor and Bob Wiltenburg

CaptainCanuck said...

Thank you, Candace and Bob! Best wishes to you as well... I miss our bookclub!

ps. Readers, C & R were key members of a wonderful bookclub, (which included JAK-in-the-Box and Titi).