Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Factoids

Here are some more musings....

My StL employer asked me to go onto Facebook to help our presence on social media. It was through Facebook that I noticed the job fair on PEI. I would never have seen it otherwise. (FB is much maligned in the media, and by most people, but it really does have some benefits).

My move will be a bit easier because (a) I moved last year from my apartment and (b) we moved buildings last year. So I don't have a great attachment to the buildings. Naturally, people matter far more and it isn't easy to leave them. But I hope to be back soon, maybe even this year.

The timing is pretty good. It is a good time to leave my client and June is both a decent month in St Louis (a bit warm and thunderstorm-y) and a great month on PEI. I'll be back at the height of the tourist season!


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CaptainCanuck said...

Correction: St Louis is hot as blazes in June. I honestly think the city is trying to kill me before I leave.