Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A request for privacy

In the past, I've leaked my identity on here to friends who know me in my professional life. I like to keep things compartmentalized and so in retrospect, I regret that decision.

Especially as I may start blogging about my dreams with respect to my career.

I ask readers: please do not overtly disclose/link/announce anything I write here. Thanks. (I realize this is a public website, and so I will be discreet, but if you already know who I am, please do not pass that along to others.)


ps. I need to do this because I don't have anywhere else to write.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest it is time to take on a identity and start another blog site

CaptainCanuck said...

Yes, that is a natural idea, but I have too many already.

Note that anyone invited here is indeed welcome. I just am struggling with someone releasing news (or whatever) before I am ready to do so.

Binky said...

Its wise that you moderate/approve comments before they're published.


CaptainCanuck said...

Binky, do you mean in general, or for this post? I'm not sure I understand...

Binky said...

In general. I think its a great idea.