Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Some of my gang were in Vermont for a destination wedding!

It was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous, the surroundings lovely, and a good time was had by all. I couldn't ask for a better weekend for the happy couple. A small group stayed at the same inn where the reception was held: it was terrific! A super trip....

I had forgotten the feel of the New England area. It has a palpable sense of quaintness and decorum that is different from the Maritimes, and yet closer than the Midwest.

I thought of my great-uncle Roland. Though I'm not sure if I met him, he was among some family who moved to Vermont many decades ago. (Others, including my two uncles, later moved to South Carolina. They would visit on rare occasion when I was young. My Dad visits them almost every year, and circa 1997, I drove down to the farm in SC as well.)


ps. I bought a new suit for the wedding. My first one in 10 years! Dark grey with pinstripes. I may get another. I love a nice suit. (Though traveling with one is a nightmare. Delta joins AC on my 'avoid if at all possible' list.)

pps. There are only 2 kinds of suits: tuxedos and 3-piece. I only buy 3-piece jobbies. They make you feel like a mob boss from the 1920s.

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