Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Grab bag

First, I have to mention that people at work have been terrific about the Canadian victory for gold in men's hockey. I was worried about a backlash, but most were happy for Canada and Vancouver.

There is one guy with whom I do not get along at all. He is overtly, spitefully anti-Canadian and generally a punk with his colleagues. Though he was not at all warm, he stayed quiet which is a blessing in itself.

On to other news... watch this video. The setup is that the guy is not happy with service at the restaurant, and has been learning Chinese for 2 weeks before facing his nemesis. Hi-jinx ensues.

At the very end, Sheldon says "aye-yeah!" which means roughly "Oy vey" or "Oh bother". When I watched it, I realized that I work with a woman who, when frustrated with her computer, says the same thing under her breath! (Hint: her daughter was married on PEI.) I told her about it and she agreed with me. Hilarious!

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