Sunday, March 28, 2010


I'll probably be facing a crossroads in the coming weeks. In some ways, we face crossroads every day of our lives. The choices we make (or vainly attempt to avoid) ultimately pave a path through our lives.

I'm excited and yet nervous at the same time. As I've written before, I don't like big decisions and I don't feel very well prepared to handle them. I have always, always been trained to do as well as possible at the immediate task at hand, without much thought for the big picture.

The goal has been to keep as many doors open as possible. But eventually, we have to choose a door.

Which one? On what basis?

In truth, I do know how to make a decision. One can list the pros and cons. One can make a matrix. One can listen to one's inner voice. Or flip a coin: what is your reaction to the result? If it is relief, that's a sign; if it is concern, that is also a sign.

The unvarnished truth is the following question: do I have the courage to make a decision based on priorities that (a) are against the mainstream or (b) that may well result in regret?



Just me said...

Here is something to consider when making your decision. Will anyone die? What is the most serious thing that could happen? You don't like where you end you change it again. While you may not be able to return to the original (job, apartment, pair of shoes) you can certainly find similar and likely better.

I'm a go with the gut kind of person when making decisions. Will it make me happy? What's the worst thing that can happen, etc. What you need to consider is why you are even thinking about making this change. There must be some part of you that is thinking about it on some level or you wouldn't be at this point. If you were 100% happy with your current status there wouldn't be room for other thoughts. That's what I think.

ncsmn said...

screw the mainstream. Mainstream is mediocre. I read an interesting book today that quoted someone (damn my memory) that said when faced with a choice you can't resolve always take the bolder course of action. Just a thought. I personally tend to go with my gut feeling. Thinking too much I find can be counterproductive.

JAK said...

Don't fear making a "wrong" are not then stuck with it. You can then make a new choice to go in a new direction or even head back to where you were.

Fear of making the wrong decision and its subsequent indecision is more agonizing than actually taking a leap of faith.

KymberlieBlu said...

if there is one thing i know for certain, it is that you DO have the courage. trust yourself.

CaptainCanuck said...

My thanks to you all for weighing in with such thoughtful and supportive answers... It means a lot!