Friday, February 12, 2010


Though we all have a heavy heart over the crash and death of luger Nodar Kumitashvili, I'm looking forward to the opening games of the Vancouver Olympics. They are just about to begin.

From what I can tell, Vancouver won't even try to compete with Beijing, which is wise because that was incomparable. NBC just reported that the ceremonies will be much more intimate, and should make Canadians swell with pride.

There is rampant speculation on who will light the Olympic torch for Canada. Of the rumors, I think it will either be David Suzuki, or possibly an image of the late Terry Fox. Both are sentimental favourites for different reasons: Suzuki is a beloved biologist with strong ties to BC; Terry Fox is a national hero and certainly a better fit for an athletic competition.


Vic said...

We did not try to compete with Beijing we simply blew it away. People actually watched the ceremony, not just clips of it. The poet dude was the BEST.
Now we are choking as normal, but hey we are Canadian.....

CaptainCanuck said...

Both China and Canada were fantastic. You can't compare them

I thought the slam poet was great but if he had had a verse in French, it would have been transcendent.

More on the Games later on... Right now I'm suffering behind the NBC Iron Curtain of Crass Commercialism. It is painful.