Friday, February 26, 2010


The last couple of days of the Games are going to be deliciously stressful! I'm watching women's curling right now and am pacing the floor a bit.

It's fun to know my family is definitely watching at home.


ps. I watched the ladies figure-skating with a friend last night and really enjoyed it. I'm so glad Joannie R got a medal, and Kim Yu-Na's gold medal performance was unbelievable.


Vic said...

I am doing the same thing here...

CaptainCanuck said...


If Canada wins, then the pressure is really on the men all-around. The Canadian women have kicked butt throughout the Games.

CaptainCanuck said...

Wow. That was a stunner re: ladies curling.

I don't know what just happened.

Anonymous said...

The Men have taken back the Olympics with 3 medals late Friday night, and they are in 3 gold medal matches on Sat/Sun. We need the men to perform if we are going to get some butt on the last weekend!!


CaptainCanuck said...

I was happy to see Charles H prevail!

The last few minutes of Canada-Slovakia were way too close for comfort. The whole game was a (natural) emotional let-down after Russia.

We need to come out against the US as we did against the Russians.