Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prague's Franz Kafka International rated worst airport

This news piece (from the Onion) is pure genius... I wish I had written it.

Many thanks to JAK! A perfect description of Air Canada but also a wonderful play on Kafka.


Just me said...

LMAO. That was priceless. As a fellow traveller I understand all of your Air Canada frustrations and other airport related incidents. I am very lucky to not need to fly with AC very often. The Northern airlines treat passengers with dignity for the most part.

Excellent video representation of what really happens when one travels.

Binky said...

OK- Here's what I want to know:

Given YOUR experiences, would you rather go through there or Montreal?


CaptainCanuck said...

@Just me :-)

@Binky I think pollsters were unable to reach anyone who has ever been through Montreal, undoubtedly because of snow delays!